Giorgos Vernikos

Hello! I am a third-year Ph.D. student at the Electrical Engineering department at EPFL and a research assistant at HEIG-VD, in Switzerland. My Ph.D. advisor is Andrei Popescu-Belis. I am interested in (un)supervised machine translation and monolingual/cross-lingual language models. I also have a growing interest in active learning.

I spent last summer as an Applied Scientist at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Santa Clara, CA, working with the Amazon Translate team.

Before coming to Switzerland, I obtained my diploma (combined BEng and MEng) in Electrical and Computer Engineering and my MSc in Data Science and Machine Learning from the National Technical University of Athens in Athens, Greece. In my Master’s thesis I worked on Adversarial Fine-Tuning of Pretrained Language Models under the supervision of Andreas Stafylopatis. I also spent 1.5 wonderful years working as a Machine Learning Engineer at the Greek startup DeepSea Technologies.


Apr 29, 2022 Happy to share that this week I started as an Applied Scientist Intern at AWS in Santa Clara, California! I will be working in the Amazon Translate team with Prashant Mathur, Brian Thompson, Hoang Cuong and Marcello Federico!
Oct 1, 2021 I was officially admitted to the EDEE doctoral program after successfully passing my candidacy exam.
Aug 26, 2021 Happy to share that I have two papers accepted at EMNLP 2021, one in the findings and one in the main conference!

selected publications

  1. Embarrassingly Easy Document-Level MT Metrics: How to Convert Any Pretrained Metric Into a Document-Level Metric
    Vernikos, G., Thompson, B., Mathur, P., and Federico, M.
    In Arxiv 2022
  2. EMNLP
    Subword Mapping and Anchoring across Languages
    Vernikos, G., and Popescu-Belis, A.
    In EMNLP (Findings) 2021
  3. EMNLP
    Active Learning by Acquiring Contrastive Examples
    Margatina, K., Vernikos, G., Barrault, L., and Aletras, N.
    In EMNLP 2021
  4. EMNLP
    Domain Adversarial Fine-Tuning as an Effective Regularizer
    In EMNLP (Findings) 2020